We are pleased to announce the roster, location and reception details for JONALDDUDD,

an annual exhibit of conceptual works that challenge the conventions of contemporary design.

As part of New York Design Week, the exhibition celebrates its fifth season, offering a refreshing

departure from the typical industry trends and commercial work associated with Design Week.

The 32 emerging artists featured in JONALDDUDD use design as a medium for personal

expression, critical analysis, and formal exploration.

Founders and curators Lydia Cambron and Chris Held, both designers and artists in their

own right, wanted to create a platform for an array of participants working within and on

the periphery of the industry. “After years of attending Design Week, Chris and I had seen

exhibitions we considered more fringe,” says Cambron. “But even the fringe exhibits were more

about bringing products to market rather than simply sharing work from designers with varying

perspectives. We saw the opportunity to create a platform that would showcase the breadth of

what we considered design, as well as it’s crossover with art and craft.”

A defining characteristic of JONALDDUDD is in its presentation—arranged as one singular

installation rather than as a traditional group show with pieces separated by artist. This

approach highlights the diversity of selected works and invites the viewer to observe common

threads between objects, despite the varied disciplines and aesthetics they represent. This

environment not only gives them new meaning, but creates an inclusive world unto itself

where there is no particular aesthetic or mandate for taste. “Curation based on one single

aesthetic simplifies the world and misrepresents it.“ says Held. “Tastemaking in the world of

JONALDDUDD is about developing your own taste.”

With tendencies to cull from the provocative, unexpected, and humorous, while still considering

craftsmanship and trend, Cambron and Held’s curation finds the sweet spot between

thoughtful, purposeful artworks and a lighthearted, exploratory spirit. This year, an ample survey

of styles is represented—hard-edged industrial works sit alongside visceral sloppy craft; simple

geometric forms offset conceptual readymades.

To match the democratic ethos of the show, each year, JONALDDUDD takes place in a different

vacant storefront. This year, it is returning to Manhattan after four years in Brooklyn at 152

Lexington Ave. New York, NY 10016. Upon receiving the most applicants to date, this year’s

roster includes a motley group of contemporary artists and designers from all over the world.

JONALDDUDD is on view from May 17-19, 2019. The opening reception will be from 6:30-

9:30pm on Friday May 17th, with an open bar and subsequent gallery hours. More information

available at their website,


152 Lexington Ave.

New York, NY 10016


Friday May 17 6:30-9:30


Thursday May 16 12:00-5:00


May 16-19, 12:30-6:30PM


Ada Blecher

Anna Gukov

Another Human

Colin Babcock

Dan Anderson

Dierdre Shea

Donut Shop

Erik Snyder

Hamilton Holmes

Jackie Zdrojeski

Jed Heuer

Joel Evey

Joseph Algieri

Joshua Edward


Kyle Joseph

Levi Murphy


Malcolm Majer

Marco Piscitelli

Mark Dineen

Mark Sengbusch

Matt Branham & Sophie Dannin

Matt Rosner

Michael Savona

Nice Condo


Patrick Keville

Ramón Jiménez Cárdenas

Rite Guy Design

Ry Deck

Samuel Brockman

Steven Andrew Kocher

Studio Lacube

William Rueck

ramon cuen